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If you find that your garage door opener is not functioning properly, make sure it is fixed soon. A delay in getting your opener work normally again is a mistake that you should not make if you want that your opener should last for a long time. Even minor problems in a garage door opener can aggravate and lead to serious issues and costly repairs. So, if you just noticed that your opener does not come down without the use of the wall switch, is making a lot of grinding noise but is still unable to open your door, or its trolley carriage is moving but your door isnt, call us now!

Garage Door Repair Gilbert is a trusted garage door service provider, which employs only certified and experienced technicians. These technicians are adept in fixing any garage door problem. You can hire them for garage door opener installation or fixing any snag or glitch in your home garage door opener. They can fix any opener model from any of the leading brands. We specialize in the repairing and installation of openers manufactured by top brands.

The garage door opener repair services that we offer include:

LiftMaster Opener Repair Service

Our garage door professionals are experts in fixing any garage door opener model from LiftMaster. This brand comprises Elite, Contractor and Premium Series. We can fix any opener model from these series, some of which are mentioned below:

Premium Series Models

  • 3240
  • 8355
  • 8360
  • 8365-267

Elite Series Models

  • 8557
  • 8550
  • 8550
  • 8587
  • 8500

Contractor Series Models

  • 8155
  • 8165
  • 8065

We are available for fixing these openers at any hour of the day. Our services are available round the clock and we ensure that we offer comprehensive garage door opener repair solutions to our customers.

Chamberlain Opener Repair Service

Even though LiftMaster is a more popular brand name owned by Chamberlain, the parent company also manufactures some opener models for its customers. Our technicians can fix any problem in these opener models. Even if you have a newly launched garage door opener model installed in your home, you can rely on our technicians that they will fix the issue quickly.

Chamberlain has a wide range of residential garage door openers and our technicians are capable of fixing any issue in these openers. The models that we work on are as follows:

  • PD752KEV Chain Drive 3/4 HP MyQ Enabled
  • MyQ Belt Drive 1 1/4 HPS
  • 3/4 HPS MyQ Belt Whisper Drive
  • LW3000 Chain Drive 1/2 HP
  • PD612EV Chain Drive 1/2 HP MyQ Enabled
  • Belt Opener with Whisper Drive – 1/2-HP
  • LW2000 Chain Drive 1/2 HP
  • Belt Whisper Drive MyQ 1/2 HPS
  • MyQ Belt Whisper 3/4 HPS
  • MyQ Belt Drive 3/4 HPS
  • PD752D Chain Drive 3/4 HP
  • PD610D Chain Drive 1/2 HP
  • HD220 Chain Drive 1/2 HPS

If you have got any of these openers installed in your home and encounter even a minor problem that you cant fix on your own, call us immediately.

Genie Opener Repair Service

Our garage door professionals are adept in fixing all the opener models from Genie. These include:

  • 1028
  • 4064
  • 3024
  • 3064
  • 2028
  • 4024
  • Screw drive Model 2568

You can call us to get any of these models repaired properly.

Guardian Opener Repair Service

Guardian offers a wide range of openers for sectional garage doors. If a model from the following series is installed in your home and you encounter a problem, call us immediately:

  • Model 628 PRO Series 3/4 HP
  • Model 315 Core Series 1/2 HP

Even if there is a minor problem in the normal functioning of your garage door opener, call us now to not only get it fixed but to ensure that your opener completes its normal lifespan.

Sommer Opener Repair Service

We specialize in fixing any issue in the normal functioning of openers such as Synoris 550, Synoris 800 or the duo garage door models that Sommer offers to its customers. Our technicians can fix any problem in these openers quickly.

Call Us Anytime To Get A New Garage Door Opener Remote

If you need a new remote for running your automatic garage door opener, call us now! We offer remotes that can help you operate an opener from any brand. The remotes that we offer include 3 button Elite Remote, 3 button Mini Remote, 3 Button Visor Remote and 2 Button Universal.

  • The 2 button universal remote can help you operate 2 garage doors and is compatible with openers from most of the prominent brands in the market.
  • The 3 button mini remote can allow you to operate all Chamberlain openers launched since 1993.
  • The 3 button visor can let you operate 3 LiftMaster openers launched since 1993
  • The 3 button elite can be used to handle any kind of LiftMaster opener manufactured since 1993.

Hire Local Reliable Garage Door Technicians

If you have always been concerned about the cost of garage door opener repair or replacement, this means that you have not hired us yet. Our technicians can provide simple as well as complex garage door services without taking too much time and without burning a hole in your pocket. So, whether you need configuration of a wireless key entry system or a regular automatic garage door opener installation job, you can rely on our technicians who will get your job done without any fuss. Our technicians excel in the installation, maintenance and repairing of garage door openers.

Always keep in mind that our professionals are repair men par excellence. They will not recommend expensive replacement of any opener part if the thing can be fixed. Repairing a garage door opener is the real test for a garage door service provider. That is why we always try to improve our performance and minimize the repair cost for our customers. This can happen only by gaining expertise in the repairing of openers and avoiding replacement of opener parts.

Certified and Experienced Technicians Available 24/7

The garage door technicians that we employ are available on a 24/7 basis for fixing any type of garage door opener. We specialize in fixing garage door problems at an affordable price. If your old opener is damaged beyond repair, we can install a new one on the same day, as we are committed to ensure the safety and security of homeowners in Gilbert. Whats more, there is no extra charge for these emergency services as we dont believe in benefiting from our clients’ predicament.


Complete Customer Satisfaction

We are a customer-oriented garage door service company that is committed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in all its services. Our professionals will give you a call just before arriving at your place so that you are ready to receive us, even though you may have already chosen a convenient time for our visit. After providing garage door opener repair or any other garage door service, they will clean up the litter and make sure your garage and home look as good as before. To know more about our services, call us now!

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